Friday Film Recommendations: Jan 20th

Happy Friday Film Fiends!

Take a look at this week’s FFR selection available via Netflix Instant Watch!


Martin take a job as a night watch man at a morgue to get some extra cash and have free time to study for his law degree. He think the job is easy because “pfft, who’s going to break into a morgue? Some sicko trying to score with the dead bodies?! As if!”
Well, yeah some sicko broke in and D.T.F. a dead body. Martin gets mixed up with a serial killer/dead body do-er all while trying to clear his name. 

Short Circuit 

A military-designed robot gets struck by lightening and starts thinking he’s people. 

He pals up with a pet lover who thinks he’s an alien trying to learn about Earth and with his designer who’s trying to protect him from the military. 

Craziness ensues. 

Young Frankenstein 

This Mel Brooks classic is a comedy/parody of the Frankenstein story. 

Noriko’s Dinner Table

A 17-year old girl bored with her life runs away to Tokyo to meet up with her internet friend. Little does she know her new-found friend is involved in a mass suicide plot.

I watched it based on Netflix’s recommendation and I was pleased to find out that it’s associated with Suicide Club. This movie fills in on a lot of back story and adds more explanation to Suicide Club so just that alone made me enjoy this movie a lot more.

If you haven’t seen Suicide Club, omgz, you have to see it like right now! BUT it’s ok to watch this one first. 

Have a great weekend folks! 

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