Friday Film Recommendations: Dec 30th

Happy Friday Folks!

It’s the last FFR of this year so I made it all special-like with these recommendations. Add them to your Netflix and enjoy! 


Roger, a Vietnam vet turn horror writer becomes distraught when his son disappears while visiting his aunt’s home. The lost broke up Roger’s marriage and screwed up his drive to write again. 

When Roger’s aunt suddenly dies he returns back to the house where his son was last seen. Thinking he’ll have the peace and quiet to work on his latest novel, Roger realizes that something isn’t right with the house when strange shit starts going down. Dun dun dunnnn….. 

This is one of those “damn this is so cheesy….I can’t help but love it!” movies. 

Watch Now 

House II: The Second Story

Yes, that’s right, there’s a sequel!

In this follow-up new owners move into the house (dun dun dunnn) and more mysterious shit goes down all involving an Aztec skull. 

Ok folks, not only does this gem have one of my favorite titles BUT it has a great tagline as well…are you ready for this….

“Frightening strikes twice!” 

Yeah, you gotta love it. 

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Misunderstood hilly billies Tucker and Dale plan on fixing up their vacation home in the woods while enjoying some time fishing and drinkin’ beer. Their plan is interrupted by a few unfortunate accidents involving judgmental college kids. 

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Night of the Comet

When Earth is hit by a deadly comet, two Valley girl sisters realize that they are among the few survivors left. Some of the people who weren’t turned to dust are now zombie-like creatures out to get them along with crazed scientists who want their blood for a vaccine. 

One of my favorite 80’s cult scific/horror classics. 

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New Year’s Evil

A punk rock singer hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration gets a call from a madman stating that he will kill someone at midnight for every time zone, leaving her to be the last to die. 

If you’re looking for something horror-y to get you in the New Year spirit, this should do the trick. 

Watch Now 

Have a super mega Happy New Year everyone! 

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