Friday Film Recommendations: Dec 23rd

Happy pre-Holiday Friday everyone! 

Since Christmas eve is tomorrow, I thought I’d do something special for this week’s FFR selection in honor of the season.

Netflix has gathered a selection of holiday favorites and I have included some of those for your viewing pleasure.

So get your queue ready! 

King of the Hill: Twas the Nut Before Christmas

Watch Now 

South Park: Christmas time in South Park

Watch Now

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Santa Claus and the 10th Avenue Kid

Watch Now 

Roseanne: It’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Watch Now

The Twlight Zone: Night of the Meek

Watch Now 

My So-Called Life- So-Called Angles

Watch Now 

The Addams Family: Christmas and the Addams Family

Watch Now 

Married With Children: The Worst Noel

Watch Now 

Santa Claus: The Movie

Watch Now 

Have a great holiday folks! 

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