Friday Film Recommendations: Dec 16th

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

This week’s FFR selection brings you movies about a space man, space stuff, space spaced and a side of a slasher and/or vamp flick.

Get your Netflix accounted queued up for these movies.


An alien crashes on Earth then takes on the human appearance of a recently deceased guy. While the widow of the dead guy is still in mourning, the alien guy takes advantage of her so he can escape. He gets her to take him on a road trip to another state where he’s supposed to meet up with his people before the government cuts him up and such.

Random knowledge, I’ve seen this movie a good amount of times and though it’s been a while but I just noticed that John Carpenter made this. Whoa, knowledge. 

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Midnight Movie

A theater featuring a midnight showing of an old 70’s horror movie, gets a bloody surprise when the killer from the movie breaks out of the film and starts killing people for reals.

I caught this spiffy little flick at a film fest a few years back and thought it was an entertaining little slasher flick.

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To get into a frat, a couple of pledges go to a sleazy after hours bar trying to find a stripper for their initiation party.

The boys soon find out that the bar is overridden by vampires! Whhha?

Think From Dusk til Dawn only kinda campy BUT it’s got Long Duck Dong in it *gong sound* Enough said.

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The Stuff

A delicious sugary treat from the Earth’s unknown becomes an addictive food product. Sounds like an awesome thing you want to put inside of you but turns out this stuff (eh? eh?) will destroy your mind and eat your insides! Dun dun dunnnnn. 

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Two semi-strangers who have no place to live decide to pose as a couple in order to live in a great flat. The two adjust to each other’s quirks, their strange neighbors, zany friends and they have a lot of nonsensical awesome adventures. Good times. 

Can’t explain how much I love this show and all the pop culture-ness tied in. 

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Have a great weekend folks! 

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