Friday Film Recommendations: Dec 9th

Happy Friday Folks!

I hope you’re in the mood for movies involving a horror anthology,  underground monsters, murderous bitches and/or killer children who are all about the corn. 

If so then check out this week’s selection of FFR all available via Netflix Instant Watch. 

Creepshow 2

The follow-up to a classic movie, which is based on the E.C. comics, has a whole new set of horrory tales. 

Ok so in this movie you don’t get to see Ed Harris dance like he’s auditioning for Soul Train but there are a lot of great mini stories in this one. My favorite of the bunch being The Raft. 

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Jackass 3 (Minus the D)

More antics of raunchy humor and other such painful inflictions for your viewing pleasures.

If you’re in need of a laugh, this is a perfect mindless movie to watch.

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Veronica is apart of a popular clique of girls who are named Heathers. Veronica grows tired of her life of frat parties, mall trips and high school babble but when the mysterious J.D. enters her life, things get darkly dangerous. 

When the couple accidentally kill one of the Heathers, they decide to make it look like a suicide which in turn makes suicide look awesome. When J.D. grows a power trip over killing people and making it look like suicide, Veronica realize that this shit ain’t cool yo. 

This is one of my favorite 80’s movie and I think it’s so inspiring as well…. I’m kidding…or am I?! Dun dun dunnn. 

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A photojournalist discovers that a toxic waste feeding into the NY sewer system is turning homeless people into Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers! But if you wanted to shorten that title, just go with C.H.U.D

While digging deeper into the mess, he discovered that the government is behind the mutilation and as always in situations such as these, he’s gotta stop it. 

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Children of the Corn

A couple find themselves in a small town where children rule all and all the adults seem to be dead. The children worship some demonic force that makes them kill any adults that enter the town. So basically the couple is fucked because they’re old. 

When I first saw this movie, I remember being utterly freaked out by the beginning when everyone in the town was killed off. Also the creepy kid with that hat and unsettling smile freaked me out too. *Shudder* 

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Have a great weekend everyone! 

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