Friday Film Recommendations: Dec 2nd

Happy Friday Fiends!

If you’re looking for some spiffy movies to check out, go to Netflix and add the selection below to your queue….Do it! 

Final Destination 2

For the second installment in the Final Destination series, a road trip turns deadly when a highway pileup leaves few survivors. Luckily for Kimberly, she had a premonition before the accident so she was able to get away from the tragedy unharmed along with a few other people. But of course the unlucky side is Death doesn’t think it’s so awesome when you don’t die so he comes around again to make that shit happen.

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Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

In this supernatural comedy Dylan Dog is a private investigator who once specialized in cases involving the underworld but now he uses his skills to catch cheating spouses. When Dylan stumbles on a vampire’s plan to destroy the world, he gets back into world of the undead. 

I must admit that I only watched this because Brandon Routh is a little bit hot but I ended up enjoying this underrated flick. 

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I Sell The Dead

Set in the 19th century, grave robber Arthur Blake confesses his ghoulish misadventures to a priest before he is executed.  

Check out my review of this movie below. 

I Sell The Dead Review

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This anthology is a fantastic homage to classic horror movies. The movie opens with people attending a movie marathon at a drive-in that is shutting down. The drive-in viewers endure movies about a giant killer sperm monster, a werebear, a Jewish Frankenstein-ish monster all in the surrounding of a B-Movie atmosphere.  

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie for a very long time. I have a great appreciation for Adam Green and Joe Lynch’s bromance plus it’s nice to see something made by fan boys who love horror as much as we do. 

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Warehouse 13

Secret agents are enlisted by the government to track down supernatural objects that have been released into the world. 

Think of Friday the 13 tv series, only way less gruesome and super quirky. 

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Have a spiffy weekend folks! 

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