Friday Film Recommendations: Nov 25th

Happy Friday Folks! 

If you’re the kind of person who would rather spend the day watching movies instead of shopping like a crazy person, I got some movies for you right here! 

Queue up your Netflix and check out this week’s selection of FFR. 

The Game

A wealthy banker receive access to an entertainment service as a birthday present from his brother. Wondering what the service is all about the dude signs up only to find out that he’s risking his life all for a game. 

This is a spiffy underrated psychological thriller. 

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Take Me Home Tonight

This goofy comedy set in the 80’s is about an awkward guy who wants to win over his high school crush by posing as a successfully awesome person. 

Basic plot but very funny movie and super great cast. 

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Seed of Chucky

Glen, the son of Chucky and Tiffany tracks the couple down and wants to have the family life with them. Glen is a uber wiener who thinks murder is wrong and scary. Chucky thinks his son needs to stop being an effin’ loser and start killing while Tiff thinks that her and Chuck should give it up and try to be a normal family. The two collide on their parental views and well, shit goes down ya’ll! 

This is the cheesiest of all the Chucky movies but in a good fun loving way. 

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Edward Scissorhands

A gentle guy with scissors for hands is taken out of a life of seclusion and brought into a typical family home in the suburbs. 

His attempt at a new, normal life is tainted by the people who fear him, hate him and take advantage of him.

This movie always kind of reminds me of Christmas so it’s the perfect time of year to watch it. Plus it’s a beautiful movie. 

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Weird, True and Freaky

This Animal Planet show takes a look at the strange true stories about different freak-ish animals. 

This show views all kinds of effed up animals, two-headed snakes, cyclops pig, people eating gross animals, people trying to be animals (beyond just the furry lifestyle) and more. 

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Have a great weekend folks! 

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