Friday Film Recommendations: Nov 18th

Happy Friday My Fiends.

This week’s selection has Darth Maul, a human robot, a killer car, a dark version of a classic fairy tale and something for Thanksgiving. Ready? Of course you are! So queue up your Netflix and check out these movies yo. 

When their son falls into a deep coma, the parents discover that there are evil forces lingering around wanting to inhabit the boy’s body. 

Ok if you haven’t seen this movie, I’m just gonna let you know right quick that it’s going to be impossible to see the main “demon” in this and not think “Um, dude, that’s Darth Maul!” Seriously, it’s like his twin or something. 

But anyway, this super creepy little flick isn’t as scary as the world made it out to be but it was still pretty good. 

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The Car

A mysterious car roams a small town, looking for people to run over. The new sheriff in town is out to find out who or what (dunn dunnn dunnnnn) is behind the the wheel of the killer vehicle. 

If Christine had a dad car, it would be this car. 

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Snow White: A Tale in Terror

A dark rehash of the Snow White story, Lilly is hated by her new step-mother so she retreats to the forest for safety. She is taken in by 7 miners who look after her and try to protect her from her evil step-mother. 

I grew up on Disney fairy tales and I yet I also grew up on watching horror movies. I love it when the two entwine into one movie such as this one. 

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I’m a Cyborg but that’s Ok

A woman who believes that she is a cyborg is admitted to a mental institution. Among the other nut balls at the joint, the woman captures the heart of a guy who thinks he can steal people’s soul. Perfect match! 

So every now and then I like to recommend movies that appeal to my dainty girl side. Mainly because I like to remind myself that I am in fact, female. So when I saw this movie listed, not only did I light up with unimaginable amounts of glee, but it made me happy that this movie is available for people to see. The title caught my attention when it was showed on IFC a few years ago and after I watched it, I fell instantly in love with it. 


A snobby little douche kid is forced to take a road trip with his mom’s boyfriend so they can be home in time for the holidays. What starts off as a hate/hate relationship blossoms into an adorable bromance. Aw. 

If you want to get into the Thanksgiving spirit you can maybe watch Thankskilling or watch the Thanksgiving trailer over and over again or, or or! You can watch Dutch. 

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Have a great weekend folks! 

3 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: Nov 18th

  1. I do nothave a “FaceBook” or anything … just my Blog
    if you monsters and horror check it out…. you have a great blog… I have been a fan of monsters since early childhood… “slasher” films are ok… some of them are even quite good and fun to watch …but I really enjoy a good monster , or even a great Villain… Keep up the good work…
    Thanks …the Doctor

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