Friday Film Recommendations: Nov 11

Happy Friday Film Fiends! 

This week’s FFR had an unintentional girl-power theme….with Spider-man thrown into the mix. So check out the selection!

The Ward 

Set in 1966, a runaway rebel is confined to stay at an institution which is haunted by a ghost. Dun dun dunnnn.

When this new John Carpenter flick came out, I didn’t hear good things about it. Since it was available to watch for free, I gave it a try and really, it’s not that bad. Quite plain and mediocre but it’s got a good story so I think it’s worth checking out.

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Death Becomes Her

Two chicks rivals spent their lives battling over who’s the hottest and who has the better life. Now that they’re old and crusty they discover that there is a potion that can turn their writhery old asses into hotties again.

Now that they are young again, they are still fighting to their deaths! Literally! *gasp*

When I first saw this movie when it came out, I thought it was super stupid, now I still think it’s super stupid but yet entertaining in a semi-cult status kind of way-ish.

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The Glass House

After the accidental death of their parents, Ruby and her brother Rhett are sent to live with former neighbors/friends of the family.

At first all seems well but suddenly Ruby learns that her new foster parents are eyeing the millions of dollars her parents left for her and her brother and they’ll do anything to get it….annnyyythhhinnnggg.

This is an enjoyable quaint little teen thriller.

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Set in the future, a solider scores a robot head and thinks it would make a great gift for his woman. She makes it into a spiffy sculpture. What they two don’t know is that the head was apart of a killer android with the capability of reconstructing itself, so of course it does. 

The robot goes on a killing rampage while terrorizing the chick. 

Think Terminator only minus all that John Conner crap. This bot will kill anyone! 

Here’s a sad fact. I’ve had this dvd for like 2 years now and always planned on watching it, I just never did. When I saw that it was on Netflix, I finally decided to watch it and I kinda loved it. I’m a little disappointed it took me so long.

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Spider-man: The ’67 Collection

If you don’t know the story of Spider-man…what the hell is wrong with you!? Ok fine, let me break it down:

Peter Parker, an average teen is bitten by a radioactive spider and gains super spiffy powers. He decides he’s going to be a superhero and save the world! Even as a hero, Spider-man and Peter try to be accepted among the people despite troubling times.

So a friend suggested I watch this like a million years ago and I finally sat down and watched a chunk of episodes. Even though this was set in the 60’s (despite what you’re thinking, that was way before my time) it took me back to the days when cartoons superheroes were all about kicking ass and being punny.

Example: The first episode Spider-man battles Dr. Octopus. While Dr. Octo thinks he has Spider-man trapped he says “No one can interfere with my plans.” And at the same time Spider-man frees himself and says…ok are you ready for this…”Looks like I caught you with your plans down!”

I laughed for like 45 minutes!

So yeah for anyone who misses the good old Saturday morning cartoon days, check this out yo.

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Have a great weekend folks! 

2 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: Nov 11

  1. I will always have a soft spot for DEATH BECOMES HER. That was the movie my wife and I didn't watch on our first date. 18 years later and we are still together.

    Yes it was at a drive in…

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