Friday Film Recommendations: Nov 4th

Happy Friday Fiends!

Looking for some movies to watch this weekend?

Well look no further, I got your movies right here! *pointing downward*


A radio shock jock starts his morning off almost running over a lady who mumbles incoherently before wandering off. This is just the start of a his day. First the jockey does his typical announcements of school cancellations due to the snow storm but  then news of people rioting and inflicting violent acts on each other take over his airwaves. While him and his crew are locked away inside the radio station, the world outside is overruled by insane and violent people.

This is a very unique twist on a “zombie” type movie. I love how the virus is spread through language and not just a simple bite or scratch. Also I have to add that those old Bing commercials reminded me a lot of this movie and it kind of freaked me out.

Watch Now 

Good Neighbors

During a time when a serial killer is lurking a town in Montreal, residents of an apartment complex are nervous and on edge.

When new guy Victor moves into the building looking to make friends, he unfolds dark characteristics about his new neighbors.

This is a spiffy little back-stabbing thriller which leave a “wow, that’s kinda effed up” taste in your mouth at the end.

Panic Room

A woman and her daughter become imprisoned in a panic room when three criminals bust in her home looking to rob the joint. You’d think they’d be all safe in there till the guys leave right? Well, wrong, what they want is in…the panic room *insert echo here*

The Mothman Prophecies

The residents of the small town of Point Pleasant report the sightings of a “Mothman” creature. A reporter tries to unfold the mystery behind the appearances all which lead to the town’s bridge collapsing and the death of many.

So when this came out, I was all like “cool story yo” but then I found out that the bridge really did collapse for reals and people of the town really did have these sightings. I had the major jebbies because of this based on events movie.


Another interesting Spike Tv show that has informative information on stupid shit that you always wanted to know about but didn’t think it was ok to ask.
Want to know want 5 things you can do with your pee? Do you want to know if big boobs float? Or how about how to take punch?

This show has the answers to all of that crap.

Yes, this show is geared towards men and can be full-on sexist but ladies, if you have a sense of humor then you can enjoy this show as well. I do!

Have  great weekend folks! 

3 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: Nov 4th

  1. I saw pontypool once and it freaked me out…out…outside…outland…outfield…outer limits…outer space…space station…spaceship…spaceman…batman…ice cream sandwiches…

    see! freaked out!

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