Friday Film Recommendations: Oct 28th

Happy Pre-Halloween Friday Folks!
If you’re looking for some flicks for your weekend holiday well, I gotta ’em right here for ya!
Check out what’s streaming for your viewing pleasure.
Halloween: Resurrection
For the last (?) of the Halloween series, Michael returns from the dead to go kick it at his family’s home. At the same time, contestants in a reality tv show invade his house looking for some scares. Michael ain’t having it so once again he goes on a killing spree.  
Ok I’m not even going to pretend that this is a good movie. It really isn’t it BUT it’s kind of fun to watch, well, the parts with Busta Rhymes in it makes up for the whole movie.

The Others
Set in the time of WWII, a woman and her sickly two children are confined to their home. The woman gets help from three mysterious servants and then weird things start happening in her home. It seems that maybe it’s the 3 that has brought evil into the woman’s home or maybe, just’s something else!
Ok yeah this movie was a little hella predictable but it was still creepy as fuck. That scene with the “little girl” with that sheet thing over her head will forever haunt for the rest of my life *shudder*

It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To
It’s Sara’s birthday! Woohoo! Her friends want to make her day very special so they plan a surprise party for her in a haunted house. Sounds like fun right? Well, the spirits in the house awaken and start killing off all of Sara’s friends. It’s up to Sara to save herself from the house, or never have another birthday again!

Season of the Witch
During the Black Plague, women were accused of being witches and killed in the name of God. A knight and his crew are ordered to transport a suspected witch out of their town to rid them of the plague. After killing a lot of people the knight has lost faith in the church so he refuses to believe that this chick is a witch and doesn’t think she should die. Could he be noble or just plain stupid? Hmmmm…

Fat Albert’s Halloween Special
Fat Albert (hey! hey! hey!) and friends are out on the town pulling Halloween pranks and getting into all kinds of crazy adventures. 
I had to add in a Halloween special of some kind and I happen to see this on Netflix so I couldn’t resist suggesting it. Enjoy!

Have a kick-ass Halloween weekend everyone!

One thought on “Friday Film Recommendations: Oct 28th

  1. Lmao! Fat Albert is the scariest thing I've ever seen! haha. I always wondered, how does Micheal come back from the dead in resurection?! Is he a ghost? a zombie? Frankenstein's monster? Ghost-dad?!!

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