Friday Film Recommendation- Oct 21st

Happy Friday Everyone!
In the mood for a gun-crazed cult, abnormal activities, a killer penis or how about just one movie with a trio of awesome stories? Well you came to the right place, as always!
Here’s this week’s FFR selection
Slices of Life

A girl with amnesia pieces together bits of her memory using sketchbooks. As her memories come back, she starts to realize that maybe those were things she should forget.
This spiffy trio of stories are gory, gruesome and great! Plus I have to give a lot of props to the people involved in this film because they are an awesome bunch.

Paranormal Activity 2

Going to see Paranormal Activity 3 this weekend? Yeah, me too! Now that the second movie has been added to Netflix, why not watch the first two before seeing 3?!
This semi-prequel goes back to Katie’s half sister, Kristi and her troubles when a demon takes over her home. The eerie activities are documented by security cameras and it shows the demon intent for Kristi’s baby. Dun dun dunnn.

One- Eye Monster

So judging by the title you can pretty much guess this movie is all about dick.

Ron Jeremy, as himself, has his penis possessed by an alien. Typical Tuesday! His dismembered penis goes on a killing spree on a porno set and well.. ok think of if like Idle Hands, only with a giant dick.

Enjoy the ending, it’s is quite…explosive. Hehe.

Red State

Three high school kids living in a small town answer a sex ad thinking that they are going to have one crazy sexy time.
Things don’t go as plan when they find themselves caught in between a crazy anti-gay cult and the FEDs gunning to take them down.
I’m happy that Kevin stepped out of his vortex of comedy and rom-coms to take on something in the horror genre.  I praise him from straying from the typical dick and fart jokes and attempting something controversial, violent and really well-made.

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Ugly Americans 

This corny yet witty series is about Mark Lily, a New York City social worker whom helps monsters, demons, vamps, werewolves. The show is very homagey to the horror genre and grossly entertaining. So of course, I love it!

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Have a great weekend folks! 

One thought on “Friday Film Recommendation- Oct 21st

  1. Wow! Really good pics. I didn't realize paranormal activity 2 was on instant yet. Looks like I'll have something to watch this weekend other than the usual porn and cartoons lol. Well I'll probably still watch cartoons.

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