31 Days of Halloween: Day 15- Wizard of Gore

One of my favorite things about me that screams “Yeah, I love horror movies” is my shameless and passionate love for all things gore. 

If you’ve ever sat through a gory movie with me (consider yourself awesome) you’ve experienced my child-like giggling, groans of ecstasy, gleeful cheers and the glorious after-glow. Yes folks, gore is my porn. 

So with that said, imagine my delight after seeing Wizard of Gore for the first time. I’m trying not to think about why it took me this long to finally see it, but given the chance to see it at a horror movie marathon with horror fans made it worth the wait.   

Montag the Magnificent is beyond the typical ass-clown magician. Instead of guessing your card or pretending to float while really just standing on his toes, he get unsuspecting victims to volunteer to be apart of his gruesome  performances. 

Every time he brutally kills someone on stage with an awesome trick, the audience cheers with amazement. At first I thought, “Holy crap, these are my kinda people up in here!” but yet it’s revealed that Montag is just the ultimate illusionist. While Montag is on stage playing with his victims’ insides, the audience can only see the trick as a trick. They don’t see the blood or the crazy, greatness of gore, they just see a sword going down some chick’s mouth. In and out, easily as..ok nevermind. 

After the show is over, the audience oohhs and ahhs in wonder of how the trick was done and the victims of the act go home in a zombie-like state. Not long after are they found mutilated as if some how the trick that was done to them, happened for reals! 

A talk show hostess is intrigued by Montag and wants him to come on her show so he can do one of his spiffy tricks. Her boyfriend on the other hand thinks that Montag is behind the deaths of all of his previous volunteers and believes his woman might be in trouble! Montag sees the tv opportunity as a way to do the ultimate trick in slaughter and gore (of course).

Folks when this movie was over, all I could think was that I loved it so much I just wanted to put it in my pants. I made room for it and everything. 

Hershell Gordon Lewis has a way of making the art of gore look as fun as a kid as a playing with his food. 

The Wizard of Gore delivers everything that the title suggests. There’s wizard-esque magic and there’s heaping chunky amounts of gore! 

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