Friday Film Recommendations: Oct 14th

Happy Friday Fiends! 

In the mood for zombies, ghosts, demons and toilet monsters!  

Well, too bad because that’s the kind of movies I’m recommending for you this week! 

The Last Exorcism           
I just recently watched this a second time as a part of my 31 Days of Halloween posts. Check out the review HERE and be warned there is a chance you might not like it the first time around. I just thought it was “ok” but I liked it better the second time. Just saying.

 Poltergeist III

As final chapter in the Poltergeist series, Caroline is now living with her relatives in a fancy apartment complex. Her shrink gets her to open up about the things that have happened to her when she was younger and poof, she unlocks the spirits that have been after her and poof they’re back for her.
Sadly this was the last movie Heather O’Rourke was in before she passed away due to an illness. 


A guy inherits a creepy mansion and thinks it will be kick ass to move him and his girlfriend into it. Little do they know, the house is inhabited by…ghoulies! Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn!!!

If you have ever been to a Charles Band Road Show, he likely tell the story about how the poster of the ghoulie come out of the toilet caused children to be frightened, parents angry, and made Full Moon famous. 

Watch Now

The Walking Dead 

Rick wakes up from a coma to see that the world has been invaded by zombies. This means nothing to him when all he wants to do is be reunited with his family. What starts as a search to find them, leads to a new journey of survival and finding a safe place to call home. 

OK people, the second season starts on Sunday so if you haven’t seen this show yet…well you have no more excuses!
I feel like the books are a billion times better but the show holds its own. I’m enjoying that based on the book there are certain things that I do know but with additional characters and different story lines, I’m along for the ride on the new things. Good times.

Watch Now

Have a great weekend folks! 

And only 2 days left to vote for my costume on the side of the page. Do it! 

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