31 Days of Halloween: Day 11- Man’s Best Friend

I’m the proud owner of two very adorable, precious and lovable dogs. Tonight I’d thought the three of us could cuddle up together and watch a movie. I’ve subjected these dogs to endless crap they didn’t care to watch so I thought I’d do them a favor a watch a movie for them. That movie was Man’s Best Friend. 

Lori is a reporter who wants to find a new, exciting story so she can make it big. She breaks into a lab which is known for testing on animals. Discovering an array of animals, she comes across and average looking dog, Max. When she’s caught snooping around the lab she makes a run for it and Max follows. 

On her way home, Lori is attacked by a purse snatcher so Max goes after the guy, rips him apart (off camera) then returns Lori’s purse back to her. Her heart was won over and she took Max into her home.

Meanwhile back at the lab, Max’s master is desperately looking to find him. Ok so get this, Max has a timer on him and once it’s over, he’ll snap and start killing people! (on camera!) 

Max’s stability starts to crack and he acts out by attempting to murder Lori’s boyfriend and killing the mail man and the neighbor’s cat. Sorry cat lovers but that was the best scene ever! 

The bond between Lori and Max breaks when Lori realizes that Max is a monster and he must be put down! Dun dun dunnn.

One thing that bothers me about this movie is that it’s a killer dog movie, there are too many sappy moments for my liking. I understand that a person’s love for a dog is strong but come on! This is a horror movie, leave the bitch tears for a Disney movie! 

But anyway, after the movie was over I was kind of half hoping that maybe my bum dogs would pick up one or two of Max’s kick-ass traits. But then again, I also hope that when I leave the tv on while I’m at work, the dogs would learn English. 6-8 years later and that day still has not come for me.

Though Man’s Best Friend didn’t teach my dogs anything, it did made me realize that it’s a lot better than today’s genetically mutated dog movies. Mediocre yes, but not as stupid as the rest of them and that’s a high compliment for this movie. 

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