31 Days of Halloween: Day 10- Ghost Dad

Ok everyone, stop right there! I know what you’re thinking. 

“Um Ghost Dad? It’s not a horror movie nor does it relate to Halloween. And! He wasn’t even a ghost, he was just astral projecting or some shit!” 

Alright, calm down haters. I took up this recommendation from a friend and though I knew he was joking I embraced the challenge of watching Ghost Dad and relating it to other horror movies. And I did and found that not only is this movie influenced by horror movies BUT it has also influenced other horror movies! 

First let’s get this synopsis out of the way then I’m going to break it down to you.
Eliot Hooper is a widower with three children. All areas in his life are reaching a point where things are coming up Milhouse!
He’s up for a promotion at work and the flirty neighbor wants to get all up in on his jello pudding pop. 

At the peak of all of this going down, Eliot is in a car accident which puts him into a coma yet also makes him a ghost…ish. I guess?
He has zainy adventures as he tries to hold together a life he might not have for long. Dun dun dunnn.

Ok here’s the horror of this movie: 

So there’s a scene from Ghost Dad that was influenced by Nightmare on Elm Street! 

Here you see Freddy slipping Nancy the tongue to freak her out. 

Exhibit A

Now in Ghost Dad, he wants to freak out a guy who wants to date his daughter. Is he going to lick his face to freak him out? No! Instead he jumps through the phone and tries to choke him to death!

Exhibit B

Another scene the neighbor boy threatens to expose Eliot for being a ghost. Sound familiar? How about from Fright Night?

Eliot goes through the kid’s window and scares the shit out of him. 

And finally this movie inspired the Final Destination series and Insidious. 

When starting the movie, you know that Eliot is going to die…ish so there are scenrios set that make you think he’s going to die. First he almost trips down the stairs because of roller skates. Then he’s on an elevator with crappy cable wires. Eliot escapes death a bunch of times before getting into the cab. The whole time you’re thinking “Is this how he’s going to die? No? Maybe this time…no? Damn this excitement!” Well the people behind Final Destination watched this movie and thought “hey, let’s fuck with the audience before actually killing someone off! Shit writes itself!” 

And that’s how Ghost Dad started Final Destination. 

And if you’ve seen Insidious you know they completely ripped off the astral projection stuff from this movie. I mean it might as well been a remake of Ghost Dad with a few demons thrown into the mix. See it now? Yep, it was all  because of this movie. 

For the final horror nod, did you know that Eliot Hooper’s name was in honor of Tobe Hooper. Yep, director Sidney Poitier’s favorite horror movie is Texas Chainsaw Massacre so he wanted to show his love for Hooper. 


Ok, I did completely make all of this up YET it all seems plausible. So maybe just maybe Ghost Dad isn’t the fun loving family movie we thought it to be but yet it’s THE MOST influential horror movie of all time. Think about it! 

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