31 Days of Halloween: Day 7- Demon Knight

One of the best things my parents contributed to in my childhood was cable. Not only did I get to watch dirty movies but I also had the great exposure to Tales from the Crypt

I was a big fan of the tv show so imagine my excitement when a full-length feature for the show hit theaters. Go on…imagine it! 

Demon Knight starts off as a cat-and-mouse game between a guy Brayker, whom holds special key with the blood of Christ in it and a collector/demon lord guy who wants to get his slimy claws on the key in order to bring hell on earth. 

The two find themselves in a small town where the battle of good vs. evil begins. 

This little flick has such a great cast. William Sadler who won my heart after I saw him as Death in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. Jada Pinkett Smith kicked ass in her first horror role. Brenda Bakke who was in the fantastic yet so cruelly underrated tv show American Gothic. There’s also Dick Miller, Thomas Haden Church and the creepily awesome Charles Fleischer. 

Oh yeah…then there’s Billy Zane. 

This is one horror movie where I was cheering for the bad guy. Come on ya’ll, Billy Zane is sexy as hell (no pun intended but I giggled anyway). He’s naturally charming and not in a serial killer kind of way, but in a “I want your heart” kind of way. Yeah, it’s because he wants to eat your heart but still, I’d give up my soul for the flash of that smile and those dazzling eyes. Ah… ahem ok where was I? 

Sadly Demon Knight is where the Tales from the Crypt movie franchise ends. Ok, that’s a lie but only because Bordello of Blood was so awful that it shouldn’t even count as apart of this series. But anyway, this movie has all of the ghoulish appeal of the tv series but it also adds a side of comedy which overall makes it a great. 

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