31 Days of Halloween- Day 4: Alligator

Growing up in Louisiana and having a canal in my backyard, the fear of “alligators in the sewers” was a potential reality for me. 

Instead of stories of them being in the sewers, they were in the canals watching, waiting and growing! 

Hey, it was the south, there were snakes and sewer rats in there so why not a big gynormous alligator waiting for the right time to attack? It could happen! 

Alligator takes place in Chicago (hey, that’s where I live now!) A pet baby alligator is discarded into the toilet where it was left to die. To survive he fed of the remains of lab animals whom have endured tons of hormone tests. The chemicals in the dead animals made the gator super big and super hungry! 

Seeing this as a child, there was one scene that completely terrified me. And that scene is this: 

When I saw this for the first time, it literally made me want to cry. I thought for sure that something like that could easily happen to me.

Years later, watching this movie again and seeing this scene again, ok here comes my morbid side, I think it’s effin’ funny ya’ll! I’m sorry but it makes me giggle. Ok…. *exhale* I’m over it now…moving on….

Alligator is a cheesy flick but it’s a billion times better than any of those super mega tron giant animal vs other super mega… *insert adjectives for the word “big” here* animal movies that are always on the Scifi Channel. 

I have to give this movie a lot of credit, unlike all of this verses movies, this one is genuinely convincing that this could maybe happen. Ok it’s never going to happen but…BUT! it could if it wanted to. 

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