Friday Film Recommendations: Sept 30

Happy Friday Friends!

I hope you’re in the mood to watch stuff with trolls, spy kids, the biggest effin’ animated boobs I’ve ever seen in my life ever…and other such selections.

Queue up your Netflix for the following Instant Watch recommendations. 


Students documenting the strange deaths of bears cross paths with a man claiming to be hunting trolls. The students follow him along on his crazy hunt and they discover that the man isn’t as crazy as they all thought he was. Psst, that means there’s actual trolls. 

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I checked this out a few months ago but I really enjoyed whimsy storybook trolls can be turned into something gruesome, plus this film has a comedic elements which overall makes the film pretty damn great.

Check it out! 

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Make Out With Violence

Brothers discover the body of a fellow friend that recently disappeared. The boys discover that she is not quite dead. They try to different ways to bring her back to life to see if there is anything of her past self left. 

Think DeadGirl, only not gross or rapey. This is a coming of age story where one brother deals with his real life crush and the fumbles of being an awkward teen and the other brother is fixated on reaching out to the girl he’s loved for a long time..only she’s dead-ish. 

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Cloak and Dagger 

11-year old Davey spends his time playing video games and hanging out with his special agent imaginary friend. 

When Davey gets caught up in a real life espionage plot, he goes on the run to save his life. With the help of his fake friend with the spiffy spy skills, Davey plans to foiling the shit that’s about to go down.

Maybe some girls developed their crush for Henry Thomas after seeing E.T. but for me, this movie straight up did it for me. 

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High School of the Dead 

During a typical day of school, students realize that the school is being invaded by zombies. The few teen survivors break out of the school and struggle to make it outside in the world where the epidemic has taken over. 

I stumble upon this while scanning Netflix and it instantly caught my attention. Zombies…blood splatter…and well more zombies kept me intrigued. All the over use of glimmering cleavage and bums not only overshadows the plot but also it kind of made me blush a little.

The show starts off very strong and intense but then dies down a little towards the end but meh, it’s still worth checking out. 

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Heavenly Creatures

Based on the 1950 true crime story about an obsessive friendship between two girls which led to murder. To escape their dreary lives, the girls create an imaginary world where they can be together even when they are apart. Fantasy and reality twist together in the girls lives as they plan to kill one of the girl’s parents. 

Ok folks, this is HANDS DOWN my absolutely favorite Peter Jackson film. For real, I mean, Dead Alive had beautiful gore and Meet the Feebles had puppet sex but this film is truly utterly amazing. I can’t describe how intoxicating this film has been for me ever seen the first time I’ve seen it. So if you haven’t seen it then you need to make it happen.

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Have a great weekend everyone! And get excited in the pants because tomorrow starts 31 Days of Halloween 2011!

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