Friday Film Recommendations: Sept 23rd

Happy Friday everyone!
Looking for something new to watch? Well this week’s FFR selection includes horror, a teen comedy, sharks and my favorite movie of all time.
Check it-
Saw: The Final Chapter
Bobby is a man falsely claiming fame as a surviving victim to one of Jiggy’s traps. The dude behind Jiggy’s work isn’t having it so Bobby must go through the real horror of trying to survive traps involving people in his life. Dun dun dunnnn.
So when something is the “final” of a series, you’re kinda drawn to see it right? Right? Ok maybe that’s just me.
The Saw series has had it’s ups and downs and has hit the point of being unnecessary but this last (?) movie wraps up things in a well-rounded way. (Even though there’s one thing that super annoys me but I’m not a spoiler kind of person so if you want to know, talk to me on the side)

Weird Science
Two high school geeks say “eff this noise” when it comes to trying to hook up with chicks. They decide to make a chick all Frankenstein-style minus the dead body parts. They create Lisa, a wicked hot chick with appetite to party. Instead turning her into a finger cuffs, they whine to her about how lame they are.
Lisa gets them to cool-dom by getting them drunk, turning them into party animals and making chicks that out of their league jump on their sticks.
John Hughes at his finest!

Deep Blue Sea
During the search for a cure for Alzheimer’s, a group of scientist experiment on sharks. During their work, the shark’s intelligent increase, and so does their desire to break free from that joint.
The crew of the lab must stop the sharks before they get out into the open sea but it sucks for them because the shark was wicked smarter than them even Sammy L. Jackson!

Gabriela has a morbid fixation with murder. She wants to know what the killer is thinking, what they go through during their process and all that fascinating stuff.
She takes on a job cleaning up after crime scenes just to get a closer feel to the killings. During her time working as a cleaner, she cross paths with a lady serial killer and gets her chance to know how he does thing. Lucky for her, unlucky for him.
Omgz ya’ll. Ok you don’t understand how much I squee when I saw this listed on Instant Watch. I think I got a little in my hair. On my end I own the vhs and dvd to this fantastic underrated gem, but for you, if you haven’t seen this… *le sigh* take the time to check out one of my ultimate most favorite movies of all time in the world ever!

 Have a rockin’ weekend everyone! 

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