Friday Film Recommendations: Sept 16th

Happy Friday everyone!

Get your Netflix queue ready to add some spiffy, and a new corny movies to watch. Ready…GO!

Tremors 4: The Legends Begins

The 4th (maybe final) installment in the Tremors series goes back to 1889 when times in the mining town of Rejection face troubling financial problems. Those problems are added when the town realizes that there are underground monsters out to eat them. Nom. 

Michael Gross returns as an anti-gun guy…whaatt?

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Halloween H20

20 years later Michael Myers hunts down his sister, whom the world thought was dead. Strung out mother, Laurie has spent all 20 years fearing that her brother would find her and her son on Halloween. That day has finally come…dun dun dunnnn. 

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Night of the Scarecrow

A warlock’s dormant soul is released into a scarecrow. He seeks revenge on all the people who have wronged him all scarecrow-style. 

If you’re in the mood for cheese, check this out. 

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Ok…Ryan Reynolds…hot and sweaty…do I need to say more? 

Yeah? Meh, ok. Check out the review (HERE) I did last year if you need more convincing on checking out this mind-fuck movie. 

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Breaking Bad: Season 1

There are some tv shows that I watch to pass the time and then there are shows that I’m emotional invested in because they are so awesome.

Breaking Bad is one of those shows. 

High school science teacher Walter White discovers that he has cancer. Before he dies he wants to make sure that his family is well taken care of so he decides to get into the meth business to rack up some major dough. 

Walt partners up with a former student Jesse and they agree that Walt cooks and Jesse deals. 

The two get mixed up in a world of violent crimes, hardcore criminals and lots of money. 

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Have a great weekend everyone! 

One thought on “Friday Film Recommendations: Sept 16th

  1. Breaking Bad, great show. I will have to check out this “buried” movie. I like Ryan Reynolds so I'll give it a shot. Also, have u seen the Halloween movies redone by rob zombie? Awesome

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