Poll: Pick My Halloween Costume

Ok folks, it’s finally time to pick my Halloween costume!

Two weeks ago I asked for suggestions and I listened to your answers. For real!
I’m leaving the fate of my Halloween costume in your hands and the suggestion with the highest number of votes will be what I’m wearing.
Now let’s go over my options:

Daria Morgendoffer– As I mentioned in the Halloween costume post, I always wanted to dress up like Daria but I never did. So maybe this  will be my year.

Dexter’s victim- Costume would be an outfit-like made of saran wrap and a red line down the side of my face. (I’d wear a bit more than that guy) 

American McGee Alice– I’ve always had a love for Alice in Wonderland. I could relate Alice’s whimsical wonder and careless approach to everything the world has to offer. I just can’t relate to having blonde hair.
The American McGee version of Alice is a brunette (win!) with a shady past and a gritty façade about her. (win win!)
I can totally own that look!

Annie Wilkes– All I would need are some Mormony clothes and a faux slaughter hammer. Muahahahaha.

A tree that attacks planes– If you’ve seen the movie Altitude (I don’t blame you if you haven’t) the dvd cover eludes that’s there’s a creature in the sky attacking a plane. My friend and I were convinced that the “thing” was just a big tree…and well, after seeing the movie, a tree made better sense. But anyway, I could be the tree that should have been.
Random suggestions– nurse, cat, pirate, Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) Robotic werewolf, Jason Voorhees, A possessed Tv, Gabriela (Curdled), a nerd.
Who cares? Just look whorey– Ok, I do understand that ya’ll may not really care what I wear as a costume, just as long as I fulfill my duty as a female to look like a straight up whore.
Ok everyone, take a look at the poll (hehe) at the side and pick my costume!
Last day to vote will be Oct 16th

One thought on “Poll: Pick My Halloween Costume

  1. Lmao! You should totally be a tree that attacks planes! No one would get it but it would be funny. Otherwise I vote daria or alice…I like the gabriella idea too. As long as its slutty you have a win 😉

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