Film Wise #552

Happy Monday everyone! 

Time to jump start your brains with some missing faces film fun quiz time. Yeah! 

Starting with the answers to last week’s quiz HERE

And now this week’s quiz HERE

Ok folks, post your scores, hints and clues! 

4 thoughts on “Film Wise #552

  1. Missing 2 and 5

    1. Didn't I meet you in a former life? I'll check when they replay it for me.

    3. I am Jack's vaguely obvious clue.

    4. Have you ever fired your gun in the air and yelled “gaaaaaaaaah?”

    6. Yes Harry, a movie about photographing bridges really is as boring it sounds.

    7. (I think it's ironic to not post a hint for this one)

    8. Of all the movies that have famous chariot race sequences in them, this one is the most famous/classic.

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