Friday Film Recommendations: Sept 9th

Happy Friday All!

It’s time again to queue up your streaming devices and check out the latest suggestions from Netflix for your film watching pleasures. 

Dinosaurs: Giants of the Patagonia
Donald Sutherland narrates this IMAX production on the exploration of the rise and fall of dinosaurs. Rawr!
I’m guessing Morgan Freeman was busy that day narrating something else, but anyway, anything that has to do with dinosaurs is awesome!

Daffy Duck’s Quackbusters
Daffy gets a mad phat inheritance and uses the money to open a shady ghost-removal service while enlisting the help of his other Looney friends.
This is almost like a cartoon version of Ghostbusters, only no one gets a blowie from a ghost. Well, at least from what I can remember….

Visiting Hours
A crazed women-hating killer attacks a controversial anchorwoman. She survives the attack and is rushed to the hospital. Well, the killer goes to the hospital, creating his own visiting hours (eh? eh?) to finish what he started.

I was excited to check this out because Michael Ironside as a bad guy is awesome in a movie, even though he super blew as a killer. I was however a little disappointed that he didn’t lose his arm (came close though). I think that should be his movie trademark. 

This anime series follows high schooler Kimihrio who is haunted by a spirit that that won’t leave him alone. Kimihiro has encounter with a time traveling witch that helps him with his ghostly problems. 

I must admit that I was instantly attracted to the title because I thought it was about porn and alcohol. Well, sorry folks, from what I’ve watched, no porn or booze. Wa wa. 

I’m not a big anime fan (due to lack of exposure) but this quirky little series is worth checking out if you’re in the mood for goofy fun. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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