Friday Film Recommendations: Sept 2

Happy Friday Everyone!
Looking for some spiffy movies to watch this long weekend? Well look no further, I got a mix bag of comedy, horror, un-stupid romance, and action up in here!

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MST3K: Devil Doll
An evil ventriloquist and his possessed doll plot to enchant a lovely lady in order to kill her and take her money.
So dummies freak me out. Even though this fun flick is lightened up by the comical words of Mike and his robot friends, I still got the jebbies. Also, the doll looks like an early version of Chucky.

The Expendables
A team of mercenaries are hired to take out a vicious South American dictator. While attempting their mission, shit blows up, people get shot and all kinds of typical, yet awesome things you’d expect in an action movie.
If you’re a big fan of 80’s action movies, then you’ll cream your pants watching this movie. It’s full of classic action stars proving that they still got it.

Hell Night
College pledges must spend the night in a creepy house as a part of their hazing. 12 years ago gruesome murders happened in the house and there are rumors that the killer still roams. Well guess what? (chicken butt) The rumors are true! Dun dun dunnnnn!

Heathcliff: The Complete Series
I used to love watching this show when I was a kid (ok I was 16 but still)
Heathcliff was everything Garfield was not…active. During his quest to win over a lady cat’s heart, he would go on all kinds of crazy adventures. Ah, good times.

The Shape of Things
Adam is a nerdy college student who meets Evelyn, a whimsy art student.
When the two start dating, Adam begins to change parts of himself to please Evelyn. His friends become concern with his “new” image and dislike Evelyn’s control over him.
I’m extremely particular about “romance” movies because well, I think 99.9 percent of them are generically lame, utterly predictable and full of shit. I found myself randomly watching this one day because Paul Rudd was in and he’s nice to look at and I ended up enjoying this twisted little movie as well. It does fall in the “predictable” category but I still dug the concept and heartbreak of it.

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Devil’s Rejects

This follow up and more stylish movie to House of 1000 Corpses continues the story of the Firefly family and a vengeful cop hunting them down.  

Have a great long weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: Sept 2

  1. Yes! The Shape of Things! Finally, someone mentions that this film is twisted. It used to come on HBO a lot during the later hours and I would find myself watching it. It definitely is an interesting plot and enjoyable.

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