Friday Film Recommendations: Aug 26th

Happy Friday everyone!
What’s so happy about it? Well, I get to recommendation movies for you to watch! So take that!
Get your queues and streaming devices ready for this week’s FFR selection.

Here’s what’s instantly available via Netflix
Famous writer Paul Sheldon gets into a car accident during a terrible blizzard but he’s rescued by a fan.
Paul is injured but his fan Annie, a former nurse, assures him that he will be taken care of and help will be on the way once the roads clear.
Paul thinks he’s in good hands but then finds out Annie is a crazy bitch that wants him all to herself. Dun dun dunnnn.
I’ve been putting off writing a book for around two years now and other than lack of motivation, I think the real reason for my delay is because I don’t want to end up locked away by a crazed fan. Hey, it could happen!

Dream Home
Even since she was a little girl, Cheung dreamt of having a beautiful home that over looked the sea. She spent her whole life saving to live in a specific fancy flat. After many years, she finally has enough money to pay for it yet the people selling their flat changed their mind.
Cheung’s disappointment invoked a crazed rage and she goes on a murderous rampage killing over a dozen people.
The movie flips between Cheung’s current killing spree, her childhood then moments before she starts killing people. At times it breaks the flow of the movie, but in the end everything comes to together and makes sense so be prepared to be a little confused for a minute there. Other than that, holy shit! This woman is brutal! The things that she does to these people is hardcore. There were times where I felt like I got some blood on me! Gruesome stuff.

Eaten Alive
Judd is a redneck who owns a rundown hotel in the swampy areas of Louisiana (represent!) When guests start getting on his nerves, instead of kicking them out or charging them more money, he feeds them to his pet alligator.
Com on we’d all do the same if we were him and had a pet alligator.
This was Tobe Hooper’s follow up film after doing Texas Chainsaw. Maybe I’m just bias because I love movies that are set in places that I’ve lived (even though I’ve never lived in swampy areas but still) plus I feel like this movie doesn’t get the attention it deserves because it was overshadowed by TCM but I think it’s worth checking out. So check it out.  
The Karate Kid Animated Series
Daniel, Mr. Miyagi and some chick travel around the world in search for an ancient shrine with magical karate powers.
Think Friday the 13 series, only it’s just one object and it’s not really cursed but kind of but not really. I don’t know, I don’t really get it but it’s still entertaining.

Here’s what’s streaming over at

A sadistic serial killer uses internet chat rooms to lure teenagers to his “party.”
When the killer known as “Captain Howdy” kidnaps the daughter of a persistent cop, shit goes down in the hunt to find them.
This movie came out at the very peak of my teenage internet years. It hit close to home for me and the thoughts of have a tricked out killer trying to meet up with me kept me from meeting up with anyone.
Have a great weekend everyone! 

2 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: Aug 26th

  1. I just watched “amusement” it wasn't bad actually. it was ok….and there was one on Eddie Gien I just watched -lead actor was Kane Hodder -a.k.a Jason from 13th movies- fairly entertaining and disturbing.

  2. All good choices, especially Misery and Eaten Alive. Also think Strangeland is fairly underrated. I've been meaning to catch Dream Home, I heard it was insanely gory.

    And I haven't thought about that Karate Kid series in forever!

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