Friday Film Recommendations: Aug 12th

Happy Friday Everyone!
If you’re looking for some streaming movies to watch, then look no further. I got your movies right here!

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Hobo with a Shotgun
A homeless man wants to make this sick, sad world into a better, peaceful place. His friendly efforts fail but once he gets his hands on a shot gun, he gets the attention that he demands.
I love it when the title of the movie gives you everything you need to know. Snakes on a plane…Bam, people on a plane battle snakes. Hobo with a Shotgun..bam!  A hobo’s got himself a shotgun.
13 Assassins
13 samurai warriors band together to defeat an vicious leader and his billions of bodyguard.
I cannot express the love I have for everything that is Takashi Miike. I’m more of a fan of his horror stuff because it’s so off the wall with gory goodness but when he steps outside the horror genre and does films like these, it shows that he has such a great range in storytelling. Hence why I love the man.
The Hard Times of Rj Berger
I’m going to sum of this show very quickly. It’s about a nerdy kid with a HUGE wang!
I’ve only caught of a few episode of this show on MTV and it kinda of funny to see kids in high school obsessing over a guy’s dong.
A crazed photography spends his nights killing women and using their scalps for this mannequin collection. 
River’s Edge
When a high school kid kills his girlfriend, his friend become divided on whether to help him hid out or turn him in.
This film has such strong and incredible performances for actors that were super young at the time plus the one of my favorite Dennis Hopper films. Must see! 
Have a great weekend all! 

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