Friday Film Recommendations: Aug 5th

Happy Friday everyone!
It’s another exciting edition of Friday Film Recommendations so queue up your streaming devices and check out what’s available.

Here’s what’s streaming at Netflix
The Fighter
This biography follows the life of Irish boxer Mickey Ward and his druggie trainer brother.
Though this is a typical “inspirational” type of film, it has an emotional impact that reflects the struggles people that fight to for their dreams. And in this case, literally.

Parents of a son at war receive notice that he died in the line of duty. After dealing with their loss, their son returns home claiming it was a mistake. All seem well with the world until the parents discover that something’s not quite right with him.

A spirits haunting an apartment building kills the tenants in gruesome ways…typical Arengto!
This film is the second installment in Arengto’s “Three Mothers” series.

Dead and Buried
A sheriff investigates murders in a small town and reveals the town’s deadly secret.

A great and creepy classic  from Gary Sherman. 

Here’s what’s online over at
976-Evil II

A girl tries to stop an evil astral projectionist who is going around killing people. 

This is such a great goofy follow-up to the first movie. And the ending is one of my favorite ending with a surprise twist that put M. Night Shamlamadingdong to shame. 


Have a great weekend everyone!

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