Friday Film Recommendations: July 29th

Happy Friday everyone!
If you’re looking for some spiffy streaming options to watch this weekend then you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s what is available via Netflix
Birdemic: Shock and Terror
Birds of the world decide that they’re not going to take it anymore and start attacking people.
Think Hitchcock’s Birds only, stupid, corny and purposely hilarious.

King of the Hill
I somewhat feel like this show is very underrated. It’s has an awkward humor you don’t see in a lot of shows. There are a lot of episode that also appeal to my morbid side. An old woman constantly tried to break in to the Hills’ home because she wanted to die there. And this special Halloween episode when LuAnn shacked up with a crazy guy and um… it ends badly.

Brain Dead
A crater crashes a small town transforming the resident into zombies.
This super low budget gore fest is a little cheesy but it was made by the awesome Kevin Tenney so it’s worth checking out.

A Bucket of Blood
Walter Paisley wants nothing more than to be accepted by the ritzy people of the art world. When he decides to turn a dead cat into a sculpture, he becomes the greatest artist in the whole world ever. When his audience demands more, Walt searches for more deadly inspiration.

Check out what’s streaming over at

Teens break into a lab as part of a school prank and unleash a cannibalistic corpse. 

Think Night of the Creeps minus the alien leeches. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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