Trailers Round-Up

I’ve been behind on so many trailers and I finally found time to catch up on them. 

So I figured I’d post a bunch of them here and ya’ll can check them out. 

Ready…Let’s do this!!!!

The Walking Dead Season 2

I’m starting to not care as much that the series isn’t closely following the books, so I can’t wait to see what unfolds in the new season. It’s kind of exciting not knowing what’s going to happen with the characters and well a lot of the book is super depressing *cough #8 cough* so not that I want the series to be all flowers and candy but I’m curious to see what happens within the means of what’s allowed on tv. 

Paranormal Activity 3 

The trailer doesn’t really say much other than it’s going to be a back backer story so I’m interested to see how that wraps things up with the way the demon enter the girls’ lives and such. Could be interesting… I hope. 

Shark Night 3-D

I know that this trailer has been out for a while, but I had to post it because I kind of want see this. It looks dumb but hey there’s a shark and this time it’s not genetically mashed up with another animal nor is it versing another animal mix so I’m down with something simple. 

Supernatural Season 7 Trailer

Dead Central’s Comic Con coverage recently posted the a trailer from the new season. If you’re a fan of the show, you’re probably really excited to see what’s up with the Winchester boys and I have to say, I’m looking forward to see Cass get all evil-like. Rawr! 

Dexter Season 6

To add on to my excitement, Ohhh ya’ll, I can’t wait to see what kind of predicaments Dexter gets himself into, I want to know what challenge he’s going to face with a new enemy and oh yeah I totally want to see him chop up bad guys. 

The Thing Trailer

So based on this trailer, I’m not 100 percent feeling this but hey of course I’m going to check it out for the sake of comparison. (Even if the movie makes me mad and I bitch about it while breaking shit) 

So there, trailers that I’m caught up on and now so are you. Poof. 

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