Friday Fim Recommendations: July 22nd

Happy Friday all!

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Switchblade Sisters

This Jack Hill’s 1973 cult classic film is about a group of hardcore, feisty and dangerous gang chicks. When a new girl joins the group, the leader of the gang is threatened and a power struggle between the two begins.
I spent my high school years in an all girls school so I can relate to this film a lot. I know all about the cattiness, back stabbing and wrestling over a man.

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Convenience store clerks Dante and Randall spend a day lamenting about hating their jobs and the customers. In the course of that day, the two get mixed up in all kinds of craziness that involve roof hockey, funeral antics and a guy jerking off in the bathroom. Good times.

I can’t say much about the quality of Kevin’s current film choices (Let’s see how Red State goes) but nothing can quite top his first film. If you’re a fan of dick and fart jokes and raunchy humor then you’ll love this movie (if you don’t already)

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Step Up 3(without the D)

I can’t really give a summary on this but all you need to know is that people step up to the challenge of dancing.
I’m sorry but I can’t help but love over-the-top dancing movies. I could care less about the story, just as long as people find an excuse to dance AND there needs to be a rain dance scene. Rain wouldn’t even exist if people didn’t dance in it. It’s a scientific fact! So hence, I had to recommend a movie where people pointlessly dance around.

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Grieving after splitting up with his boyfriend/love of his life, Charlie wanders the streets of NY and encounters strange urban legends events.
I found myself randomly watching this movie a while ago and though it’s a great story, I was more drawn to the urban legends surrounding the actual plot. I’m fascinated with urban legendy stuff so I enjoyed it on that level along with the movie itself.

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Greg the Bunny

This short-lived comedy series is about a foul-mouth stuffed Bunny.
Greg and his other furry friends spoof movies and such.

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Urban Legends: The Final Cut

This follow-up movie is about a film student trying to enter a contest. She wants to base her film on urban legends but after every scene is shot, someone on the shoot is killed. Once again it’s a game of “who’s the killer?” amongst friends and foes.

This movie is a lame compare to the first movie but yet, it still has a certain charm about it in a PG-13 horror movie kind of way.
Have a great weekend ya’ll!

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