Attack the Block: The Ghetto Goonies

As a fan of the recent film, Super 8, I loved the nostalgia feel and the heartfeltness that overpowered the alien story. It’s easily compared to Goonies, E.T. and Stand by Me.
But as a horror fan, I don’t mind an alien film that has furiously gruesome creatures that rips people apart, leaving nothing behind but blood splatter and body parts. 

This such film is Attack the Block, the UK’s touch on a Ghetto Goonies with the essences of Assault on Precinct 13, Critters and Gremlins.

The film starts off with a group of teen thugs robbing a lady on her way home. Their crime is interrupted when a meteor crashes into a car next to them. The fearless fiends check out the wreckage and the leader, Moses, is attacked by an unknown alien creature before it runs off into the neighborhood. The kids’ territorial duty to protect the neighborhood block results in them going after the creature and beating it to death.
To prove his bad-ass status, Moses parades the feeble alien carcass around the block back to the run down apartment complex they all live in. Moses takes the alien remains to the local drug dealer in hopes to make money off it. There the kids notice that more meteors are falling from the sky and they get hyped up to kick more alien ass.

When the kids track down one of many of the fallen rocks, they discover that unlike the first alien they defeated, there are new stealthy, dog-like vicious monsters among them.

The kids don’t hesitate to take on the deadly challenge of saving their block and the world from the monster invasion.

I went into this screening with only vaguely looking at the trailer once a while back ago,wanting to support anything that Edgar Wright is involved with and wanting to see a fun little alien invasion flick.
I commend Writer/Director Joe Cornish for taking on the sociopolitical commentary on the lives of inner-city kids and adding a unique alien story into the mix and also without shying away from gore which all produced a great formula to this film. 

Attack the Block is a non-stop entertaining, thrilling film with a fantastic cast to boot, so check it out when it hits theaters next week. 

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