Film Wise # 544

Happy Monday everyone!

It’s another week and another chance to show off your spiffy film knowledge skills. 

Let’s start off with last week’s quiz HERE

And now this week’s HERE

Ok folks, post your scores, hints, tips, etc in the comment section. 

6 thoughts on “Film Wise # 544

  1. #1 Skipping school never seemed so awesome

    #5- animated western with animals

    #6- You if think of the answer, it will come

    #8- I took a guess on this one. A guys is a corporate downsizing expert and he has to fly around to places firing people and it makes his life feel meaningless.

  2. +JMJ+

    5/8 so far! =)

    #2 — This outfit didn't turn out to be as memorable as the same actor's white disco three-piece suit.

    I'm sure The Mike will be pleased to see #5. 😉

  3. #3: Stars two former SNL stars… Movie titled for character played by One Wild and Crazy Guy (Pictured is a very RAW comedian and the other SNL alum)

    #4: It's hard out here for a pimp

    #7: Lycanthropy movie set in the capital of the UK.

    Enbrethiliel: Do you have #2 correct? Maybe thinking of the wrong actor… If I understand your clue which may be the case.

  4. +JMJ+

    Michael, I checked again, and you were right. I had two movies with very similar names (two words each, one word in common) mixed up. The guy in the white suit was in the other one. =P

    I hope that's enough of a clue to get #2! =)

    And thanks for the clues to the other movies!

  5. 6/8 without checking the hints. And I fistpumped a bunch re: #7.

    Need 2 and 4….let's see what y'all got…

    Welp, I made the same mistake on #2 that E did…and now I got 4 as well.

    Cool beans. 🙂

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