Poll: Decide my Netflix fate

I’ve been a loyal Netflix user for the past 8 years. Hell, I even surround my Friday posts based on their streaming selections and never did I ask them for money, drugs or sex in return (and I’ve thought about asking too!)
If you’re a Netflix subscriber, then you too got an email telling you, “Guess what? We’re jacking up your prices so suck it bitches!”  
Since then I’ve been seeing a lot of angry people posting about this change.

We all knew that the “streaming only” option was coming but I think a lot of us thought that it would be a separate option not an additional price along with our dvd rentals. 
I like renting dvds. Yes, there’s the Redbox option but I like renting older things, stupid things, classic things. Redbox doesn’t have movies like Ghost Dad or Romero’s Martin on tap. My last Netflix dvd rental was the movie Altitude. I was curious about seeing a movie about a sea monster that attacked a plane in the sky. Yes, you read that right. Would I ever do a blind buy on something with that premise? Oh hell no, but I would rent it (and did) just to check it out.
So folks, poll me what to do! I feel the need to keep my Netflix account regardless because of the streaming option but do I suck it up and give up my hard earned money for the ability to rent dvds or do I break up with Netflix and put that money towards something else like dvds or a nice hat?
The poll is on the side for your voting pleasure. 

7 thoughts on “Poll: Decide my Netflix fate

  1. I'm planning on leaving Netflix. Although they have a huge selection and I'm in the same boat as you. I watch odd movies. Actually right when I read your description of altitude I thought “I should add that to my queue!” I've been using mostly the streaming option so for me, going to streaming only wouldn't change much. I'm planning on going to Amazon. Right now it's to the point that I'm tired of the way they do business. With Amazon's financial pull they should be on par with Netflix in no time. Plus Amazon, Vudu and Cinema Now have the option to pay for rentals if need be. I've been pleased with Vudu so far. I want to support someone who isn't so condescending and nonchalant about pissing off their customers.

  2. My parents just told me about this as too….Unfortunately, I'm keeping myself out of the discussion, as I use it exclusively for the streaming options. If they came out and said they'd expand the streaming options, I'd be more okay with it.


  3. SCS- I'm still debating what to do but I also have Amazon.com as an option to watch anything I want that's not available via Netflix Instant Watch so I can do that if I chose to ditch the dvd option but blah I don't know.

    Softy- good to see you again! (in the internet/blog world kind of way)

  4. Yeah it's tough decision. I just read an article where the CEO of Netflix said they aren't worried about people cancelling because those who cancel are most likely 1 at a time DVD subscribers and they don't want/need those customers. For me, that's the kind of sstuff that aggrivates me. So because I'm not a big spender and taking out many movies at a time, I'm expendable to them. I used to have the 7 (I think that was it) at a time. If they didnt have the streaming option I probably still would.

  5. Also if you're planning on staying because of the discs it won't last long. Netflix wants to get rid of the disc rental ASAP. I think this is one reason why they split the services. They are trying to phase it out. They apparently are looking at licensing fees raising from a couple hundred million a year to a couple billion a year in the next few years.

  6. I'm going to streaming only. I always forget to watch the discs anyway, and most stuff makes its way to streaming eventually. If not, we still have one video store in town where I can get new release discs.

    This is why we all should have just kept the video stores open. 🙂

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