Friday Film Recommendations: July 8th

Happy Friday All!

Enjoy another week of a mixed bag of movies to watch! 

Here is what’s available via Netflix 

Ok, here’s the plot, I’m going to lay it down plain and simple. Ready… ok… it’s a tire…that blows people up with it’s mind. Yep!
The strangeness of this film has been circulating the web and film fests for some time now but for those of you who have been curious, poof, now you get to see it for yourself. Poof!
I caught this at a film fest a few months ago and though it’s a real odd film, it’s damn entertaining and hell, I love seeing shit blow up!

Let Me In
This is Americanized, semi-following the book remake to Let the Right One In.
If you haven’t seen Let the Right One In yet, holy shit, why aren’t you doing that like right now? It’s also available via Netflix if you didn’t know already.
I thought this was a decent remake but I felt it was a little bit unnecessary. There were a few things that annoyed me personally that contradicted the original but meh. It is what it is. I’ve heard some people say this was better than the original and though I completely, 100 percent disagree, I feel that this is still worth checking out.

Blind Side
A couple driving late at night accidentally hits a police officer and kills him. Instead of doing the right thing and reporting it, they cover it up. They think all is well with the world until a creeper shows up at their door claiming to have seen everything. The couple are forced to take him in and fulfill his demands in order to keep their secret.
I don’t know why Rutger Hauer is so awesome at bad, creepy guy roles but here’s yet another movie where he’s a bad creepy guy.

Party Monster
Based on a true story, a naive kid, Michael Alig, whom gets caught up in the NY club world of hip music, crazy costumes and miscellaneous type of drugs.
His addiction takes a dark turn when he ends up killing his drug dealer, chopping up the body and dumping in the river. Good times.
This film has a great cast, a kitchen dancing scene that I adore and a talking rat. Trifecta of awesome.

1000 Ways to Die

This Spike Tv show follows true stories about stupid ways that people die. Very educational and damn funny too. 

Watch Now

Check out what’s streaming over at


This Wes Craven flick is about an evil genie that grants wishes! Only..he twists people’s wishes so they turn out bad. Wa wa. 

I always thought that if I had the chance at 3 wishes, I would of course ask for more wishes! This movie made me reconsider that thought since this genie is evil and all. Maybe I would wish for him to not be evil…hmmmm….

Have a great weekend all! 

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