Friday Film Recommendations: June 24th

Happy Friday Everyone!

Looking for some movies to watch this weekend? Well, get your streaming devices ready because I got some movies for ya right here! 


Colin is an average guy who one day gets bitten by a zombie. When he awakes from the dead, we follow him through his zombie journey, seeing things from his view point. 

This little film was very well known as the “70 dollar zombie movie” because, you know, it was only made with 70 bucks . For having a micro-budget, this film capture a great, fresh perspective on the zombie genre. It may be a rough indie film, but it’s definitely worth checking out. 

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Scary Movie 2

Who knew that the Wayans brothers had it in them to combine comedy and horror? Ok just for the first two Scary Movie movies, when they went beyond that the series got crapular. But anyway….

In this sequel, Cindy and friends trek out to a haunted house and well haunting hilarious things happen.

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An immortal sword fighting Scottish guy must fight another immortal brutal, evil guy to obtain the “Prize,” the spiritual ability to know everything. Dun dun dunnnn.

I just saw this classic awesomeness for the first time not too long ago and not only does it have a kick-ass soundtrack but it’s a kick-ass action/fantasy/scific flick. 

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Dark Shadows: The Complete Revival Series

When the Sci-fi channel first started, the very first thing I remember watching was the original Dark Shadows. I was drawn to the soap opera-esque vampire drama. 

The show follows a family dealing with vampire, witches, werewolves, basically all things awesome in the realms of the supernatural. 

Though this particular show is the remake of the original,I still think it’s worth checking out before the Burton remake comes out. Good point of reference and all. 

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The House of Yes

Jackie, a mentally unstable woman, thinks that’s she’s THE Jackie-O. She prances around her house like she’s the real Jackie-O and her wack-a-do family just goes along with it. When her twin brother comes home for Thanksgiving, Jackie is thrilled to be reunited with the one person that understands her. When he brings along his new fiancee, she is not welcomed and Jackie breaks into a fit of rage…jealous rage! During the festive times, family secrets are revealed and shit gets weird up in here!

I completely love this quarky dark comedy and it’s holds strong in my top 5 favorite indie films so check it out! 

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Have a great weekend all! 

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