Friday Film Recommendations: June 17th

Happy Friday Everyone!

If you’re looking for some streaming movies to watch this weekend, well you came to the right place! 

Here’s what’s available via Netflix Instant Watch 

Zombie Girl

At the age of 12, Emily Haggin set out to make her first feature zombie film. This doc follows her through her journey on making a film and learning the ups and downs of the film making world. 

I saw this at a film fest about a year ago and I was amazed by how much passion this little girl had on making her film happen. She put a lot of heart and hard work into this and it’s quite inspiring so check it! 

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I Saw The Devil 

From the director of Tales of Two Sisters (great movie ya’ll) comes this edge, sadistic thriller about a cat-and-mouse game between a serial killer and a special agent. 

I saw this earlier this a few months ago….wow…. not only is some of the stuff that goes down in this film kinda crazy but it’s a powerful and insanely intense. Check out my review HERE.

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Chasing Amy
A comic book artist falls for a chick that he thinks is perfect. They have fun hanging out and he thinks she’s great only she doesn’t want to be with him because she’s all about the ladies. This doesn’t stop him from pursuing her and well… you know how these things work out. 
As much as I really love most of Kevin Smith’s movies, (the earlier, crude and funny stuff) this is probably my favorite. I like to think that we can all relate to this movie on some level. Maybe not falling in love with a lesbo or a gay guy but falling for someone you shouldn’t and knowing that it’s not going to work yet saying fuck it and still going for it. Things like this never end well but it’s worth the risk and heartache, as illustrated in the movie.
If you haven’t experienced such pains, then you’re lucky…but then you haven’t truly lived either! 

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Sam turns 21 and learns that his parents sold his soul to the devil (Ray Wise!) and it’s time to collect. Sam tries to earn his freedom by reaping the souls that escaped from hell. 


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Check out what’s available on

Carnival of Souls

A little girl witnesses the brutal rape and murder of her mother by a circus clown. Years later, the circus comes back to town and the girl now grown up, is haunted by the past. 

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Have a great weekend everyone!

And for record, I will be away for the week but I’ll still have posts running in my absent. So enjoy! 

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