Friday Film Recommendations: June 10th

Happy Friday Everyone! 

Looking for some movies to watch? Well, I got your movies right here! *pointing down*

Here’s what available via Netflix Instant Watch 
In this psychological thriller, 8 candidates for a fancy job are put into a dreary, windowless room for an 80 minute exam. The candidates have specific rules to follow and only one question that needs to be answered; yet they don’t know the question. Some try to work together to crack the mystery of the question, while others work to get rid of the competition.
This movie kind of, sort of, maybe a little bit reminds me of a sophisticated, adult version of Battle Royale, minus the gooey gore and awesome use of weapons.
Blood Creek
During World World II, a family in need of money lets a Nazi scholar into their home as a guest. The seemingly pleasant man is really a crazed occultist that needs to feed off the blood of people. He preserves the family as his personal slaves so they can get him victims to feed on.
I thought this movie had a pretty good vampirey/zombie-esque concept going on so it’s worth checking out.
Toy Story 3
In this third chapter in the adventures of Woody and Buzz and other toys; Andy is moving on to college and the toys aren’t feeling the love from him anymore. They are taken to a day care center where they are happy to finally be played with by children who will appreciate them but they learn that the place isn’t as great as it seems.
Watching this made me wonder what ever happened to my Teddy Ruxpin or Kid Sister/My Buddy toys I had when I was little. I cherished them a lot but then again, if I had an idea that they came to life while I wasn’t around, it would freak me out and I would have likely set them on fire to prevent them from stealing my soul.

Sisters travel to a small Colorado town for a ski-cation. Upon arrival they found that the town is deserted and a couple of people are dead. Joined by a sheriff and his deputies, they discover that the town was wiped out by an evil force known as “Ancient Enemy” Ohhhh ahhhh. 

I remember going to see this, not really knowing anything about it and loving it for the strange and unique plot and eerie creepiness. 

And this has to be said….. “Phantoms like a motherfucker!” 

3rd Rock from the Sun
A family of quirky aliens come to Earth to study human life and they get mixed up in all kinds of crazy antics. 

I never watched this show when it came on and was all popular and stuff but it’s got hottie JGL in it and it’s about aliens. WIN! 
Here’s what’s streaming on
The Midnight Meat Train
From the twisted, brilliant mind of Clive Barker this movie follows a photographer who is given the opportunity to get to his work displayed at a gallery but he needs to add better shots to his portfolio. He stalks the night looking for interesting people to take pics of and finds himself mixed up with a scary butcher who may be killing people on the subway. Maybe. 

While watching this I was right there with this movie up until the end and then I was thought “hmmm….wait, what?” then I remembered that it was Clive Barker so it made more sense in the sense that it’s Clive Barker… make sense? Didn’t think so, but it’s worth checking out for the ridiculous kills and the Ted Raimi cameo. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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