Friday Film Recommendations: June 3rd

Happy Friday all.

Now that a lot of tv shows are done till Fall, why not watch some movies to fill your time? Yep, I can’t think of a reason either!

Here’s this week’s FFR

Here’s some flicks to add to your instant queue

The Funhouse

After a night at a carnival, four teens plan to spend the night at the funhouse *insert eerie echo here*

The kids end up witnessing a murder and a deformed freak begins to stalk them till they are dead! Dun dun dunnnnn.

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White Noise 2

A man’s family is murdered and he turns to suicide as a way to deal with it. His failed attempt leaves him with the ability to sense harm around people. He decides to save people before they die and they are grateful and all but the evil that wants these people dead ain’t having it!

I can’t pretend that this movie is more than just mediocre but hey Nathan Fillion is in it and yeah…Nathan Fillion is in it!

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Ghost Dad

A workaholic struggling to get a promotion, gets into a car accident and kinda dies…but not really, but kinda well ok he’s in a coma and poof he’s a ghost too.

In order to keep his family life in order he has three days to get his promotion and connect with his children…all while being a ghost! Whhhaaaa?

MST3K: I Accuse My Parents

A dude who is a straight and narrow kind of guy gets mixed up in crime and is going down for murder! How did things go so wrong? Well, his mom is a drunken bitch and his dad is whore. He blames all his problems on his parents and uses that excuse to get away with it all.

I couldn’t resist checking this out because of the title and of course throwing in some MST3K into the mix to funny it, made this little movie even more entertaining.

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Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean

This British series follows a very awkward man who gets himself in awkwardly funny situations.

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Here’s what available via

The Backwoods

Two couples go out to the country for some down town. When they find a little girl chained up, they go to the local authorities for help. Little do the couples know, the girl was locked up by the villagers and they want to get her back from them.

Have a great weekend folks!

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