Friday Film Recommendations: May 27th

Happy Friday All!

Looking for some movies to watch while you chill this long weekend?

Good because I got your movies right here! 

Here’s what’s instantly available via Netflix 

Shark Hunter

As a child, Dr. Northcutt’s parents were killed by a massive sea creature. Now as an adult, he finds out that the very creature that chomped his parents, a prehistoric megalodon shark, is back on the prowl. He takes the opportunity to hit up the sea to wipe out the creature and get revenge on his parent-less childhood. 

Antonio Sabato Jr. is…..THE SHARK HUNTER! 

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The Wizard

A Rain Man-esque kid travels to compete in a video game competition. 

This classic gem has it all, Fred Savage, Jenny Lewis pre-Rilo Kiley, the introduction to Super Mario 3 and …ok ready for this….ready… THE POWER GLOVE!

This movie holds a special place in my video game playing heart. 

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Red White & Blue

Erica is kind of a whore. She’s down on her luck ( and on her back) a lot but still finds a kind man, Nate, to help her get it together. Meanwhile a guy that Erica screwed up seeks her out and well, shit goes down. 

Nate takes it upon himself to get bloody revenge on the people involved with her disappearance and it’s gets…well bloody. 

Review my review HERE

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No this isn’t the lesbo serial killer movie….and no it’s not the awesome District 9ish monster movie MonsterS

This faux documentary flick is about American filmmakers visiting Tokyo. All is well until an earthquake happens and a 200-foot monster arises and attacks the city. 

So basically, this movie is the opposite day of Cloverfield. 

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Harper’s Island: The Complete Series 

Friends reunited on an island for a wedding. Years ago some brutal murders happened on the island but the killer was murdered and all was well with the world….or not. The daughter of a victim is amongst the friends and her return triggers the awakening of a copy-cat killer…or maybe it’s the original….maybe? 

The only down side I found to the first couple of episodes was that it took till the end of the episode for someone to die but the up side was, the killings were awesome gruesome! As the show carried on the kills got bloodier and kind of sad as I started to adore the characters.
Anyway, if you’re into murder mystery type of shows, check this one out!

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Here’s what’s online at

American Psycho 2

Rachel, a survivor of the serial killer Patrick Bateman, grew up with an obsession with serial killing. She starts school to study to become an F.B.I. agent and for extra credit, she kills people! 

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Have a great long weekend everyone! 

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