Friday Film Recommendations: May 20th

Happy Friday All!
If you’re weekend includes a quest for new movies to watch, well you’ve come to the  right place.
Get your streaming devices ready and queue up this week’s FFR selections

Here’s what’s instantly ready for you via Netflix
Nicole is a sweet naive 16-year old who meets David, a seemingly nice guy who just has it rough because he’s on the “wrong side of the tracks.”
After David’s charms starts to wear thin, Nicole is too stupid to realize that he’s psycho yet her dad picks up on it pretty quickly. Nicole’s dad tries his best to keep David out of Nicole’s life but David ain’t having it ya’ll!
Needless to say…shit goes down.
Remember being young, “in love” and so effin’ stupid?! Yeah, this movie takes me back there.

Sarah accidentally wishes her baby brother away to the land of the Goblins. Knowing that her dad and step mother would be mega pissed when they found out, Sarah embarks on a journey to save her brother from Jared, the Goblin King.
One of my childhood favorites and I still enjoy it as an adult as well. Not only because of all the fantasy, magic and intrigue but mainly because I’m so fascinated with David Bowie’s bodacious package. I mean he’s all “weee look at my shiny trickery ball” and the whole time I’m thinking “Holy crap! Look at those balls!”

Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The genius beyond horror storytelling, Hitchcock presents a series of chilling  tales which includes elements of horror, humor and suspense. Ah, typical Hitchcock.

Black Sabbath
This trilogy horror movie is about: a nurse stealing from a dead person whom seeks out revenge (dun dun dunnn,) a whore who is terrorized by phone calls from a dead person and finally a vampire whom feeds from people he loves.
A family movie that has something that everyone can relate to.

In the year 2019, the majority of the population has been turned in vampires! Blood supply is running low and vamps are getting crazy with ways to try to survive. It’s up to a researcher to find a way to save humankind.

Check out what’s streaming over at
Behind the Wall
When a town is dried up of funds, it’s decided to open up their local lighthouse as a way to get money from tourist. All seems well but when the basement is opened up, the town discovers that some grizzly shit went down in there.
Have a great weekend folks!

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