Friday Film Recommendations: May 13th

Happy Friday All!

Planning on spending the weekend watching movies? Well, hey guess what?! I got your movies right here! 

Here’s what’s available via Netflix Instant Watch

Child’s Play 3
In this third installment in the Chucky series, Andy is all grown up and shipped off to military school. As he tries to start over yet again, Chucky’s body was reformed and he was reborn…yet again. Chucky resumes his hunt for Andy and Andy must stop Chucky from taking the soul of another kid! Dun dun dunnnn.
It took up until the third movie for Chucky to realize that “hey maybe I should give up on Andy and take a crack at another kid!?” Duh Chucky, duh.
I must say this one holds a special place in my heart due to it being the first Child’s Play movie I got to see in the theaters.
Good times.

Ever watch too many super hero movies or read a lot of comics and think, “Dude, I can totally rock out being a super hero?” No? Ok never mind…
High school loser Dave decides to take on the role of a comic book hero and fight crimes in his neighborhood. After becoming an internet sensation, Dave gets the attention of a father-daughter crime fighting duo who are seeking revenge on a mob boss dude. They team up and well shit goes down.
Before seeing Kick-Ass for the first time, I was expecting a quaint Spider Man-esque type of movie; I was not expecting the extreme amounts of violence and gory splatter all over the screen. It made me instantly love this movie.

Don’t have time to sit through movies like Zombie, The Astro-Zombies, Zombie Lake, Oasis of the Zombies or A Virgin Among the Living Dead?
Well don’t fret my pet, this zombie compilation clips the best parts of these movie all Cliff-Notes style.
(no trailer available) 


Two slackers friends make up a game that mixes basketball and baseball….BASEketball, I get it now!
The sport (?) becomes a national craze and the two deal with a greedy business man who is tries to take over their team and break up their bromance. 

Death Note (tv series)
Light is a law student with a very special power. In his possession is a notebook, when he writes a name in that book, that person dies. Poof!
Light decides to take the law in his own hands and wipe out the criminals of the world. The sudden deaths of these criminals piques the interest of a great, smart and damn intelligent detective who goes by the name “L.”
A battle of wit begins between Light and L as Light tries to carry on his mission all while getting L off his track.

Here’s what’s available at

Zombies of Mass Destruction 
In this zombie comedy, an island is over run by zombies and it’s up to a skeezy band to save the remaining survivors. 

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Have a great weekend folks! 

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