Friday Film Recommendations: May 6th

Happy Friday All!

You know the deal, it’s Friday and here are a few recs for you to choose from for you’re movie streaming pleasures.

Looking for some movies to add to your Netflix queue, well…you’re welcome!

MST3K: Devil Fish
Before there was Sharkopus, there was the Devil Fish!

A marine biologist, dolphin trainer, scientist and cop hunt down a deadly sharkish-oct-y fish creature monster thing.
The movie is cheesy yet enjoyable with the help of Mike and friends.

During a time when a unstoppable virus turning people into vicious zombies strikes, a woman fights to save her infected husband from the mutation process. Is there any hope for him?….pffft…..

The Gates
A cop becomes the chief of police in a gated suburban community where vampires, werewolves, witches and other supernatural beings live.

Basket Case
Duane, a strange yet humbling kid, totes his separated Siamese twin Belial in a wicker basket. The two roam the streets of NY seek revenge on the doctors whom separated them and left Belial for dead.

Wet Hot American Summer

Set in the 80’s during the last days of summer, staff members of a summer camp try to spend their reminding days enduring in wild and crazy antics before they are forced to go back to “the real world.”

Here’s one of many choices available at

My Step-Dad’s a freakin’ Vampire

A kid finds out that’s there’s a reason to not like his new step-dad. Why is that you ask? Um… because he’s a freakin’ vampire!

Have a great weekend everyone !

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