Film Wise # 534

What better way to start the week off than with a brain wracking quiz? 

It’s time for another Film Wise faceless, invisible movie quiz fun time, yay!

Starting with last week’s answers HERE

And now this week’s HERE

How did you do folks?
And don’t forget to ask for help which clues and hints are always appreciated. 

4 thoughts on “Film Wise # 534

  1. +JMJ+


    #1 is about the worst crime a crew could ever commit at sea–and that's the first word of the title. (I'm sorry to be vague, but I haven't actually seen it myself.)

    #5 is supposed to look like a painting by a French master. (Or so I've been told!)

    #8 is an easy guess if you watched the last Oscars telecast.

  2. 2: Brat pack movie… clue in the picture

    3. No one ever saw this movie… Think opening “sound” at a movie theater.

    4. Sci-Fi with muppets… I think… unless the a-hole director removed them in an “Uber Special He Really Did Shoot First” version.

    6. I think that guy in the foreground just lost an ear.

    7. Really famous western from the 80's… name of a city.

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