Friday Film Recommendations: April 29th

Happy Friday All

Queue up your streaming devices and check out this week’s FFR selection

My Bloody Valentine (2009)

I have to admit, suitable 3-D gimmicks aside, I actually enjoyed this remake. It was fun, bloody and it took an entertaining spin on the original’s ending.
The thing I hate the most about remakes are that they try to poop it up with an extra back story (Black Christmas) or drop a deuce on the ending (The Fog)
My Bloody Valentine is worth checking out and hey fellas, you get to see a naked chick running around for like ever!

The Fog

….Speaking of The Fog, don’t worry, it’s the full-on original here.

A small town is haunted by ghosts from the past.
The thing I loved most about this it’s an old-fashion ghost story. We don’t get these too much these days. So sad.

Twilight Zone (The original series) 

Growing up in the 80’s my main exposure to the Twilight Zone was during the 80’s version of the show. It wasn’t until the Sci-fi channel showed up (Yes folks, I remember the day the Sci-fi channel premiered.) that I got to watch episodes of the original classic.
Now I’m happy to say that those episodes are now available for your instant watching pleasure.

Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film
This doc of the history of the slasher film includes interviews from John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Rob Zombie and many more such awesome people of the horror genre.

Mac and Me
A mysterious alien creature (Mac) trying to escape NASA becomes friends with a kid in a wheelchair.
I remember that I loved this movie when I was a kid and I remembered that MAC like drinking Coke. That is all.

Watch Now 

Here’s what’s new at


A dude inherits his late mother’s home and after being away for nearly 20 years and finds that it’s haunted with painful memories. 

Have a great weekend all! 

2 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: April 29th

  1. I am so glad to hear/read love for My Bloody Valentine 3D. I thought I was the only one who actually really loved that movie, even without the 3D (OWN IT!!!). I tend to have mixed feelings about remakes. I have enjoyed some (MBV, Last House on the Left [but I did not like the original LHotL, so there's that], Friday the 13th [although I HATED the F13 remake when I initially saw it, and only grew to love it after re-watching it months later]) and hated others (Rob Zombie's Halloweens, A Nightmare on Elm Street), but a lot of times I know my feels are linked to nostalgia.

    While I did see the original MBV when I was younger, it never really took up residence in my psyche the way other slashers did. I think part of the reason for that is that Harry Warden was a one-and-done killer. We didn't get a slew of sequels and prequels that over-explained the killer thereby, diluting his initial impact. For that reason, I was not terribly disappointed when plans for a follow-up to the MBV remake were scrapped. Not every killer needs to be a franchise and the MBV killer is one that doesn't need more backstory.

  2. Amen to your comments on The Fog. The ghost story seems to have been pushed to the fringes of mainstream horror cinema by the glut of remakes and torture porn product. Still, these things run in cycles, and I suspect they will be back in vogue at some point (hopefully soon).

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