Friday Film Recommendations April 22nd

Happy Friday All!

Want to chill this weekend with some instant movies? Well you came to the right place! Check out this week’s FFR selections. 

Here’s what’s available via Netflix Instant Watch 


In an attempt to escape the women of their lives, a group of friends head out for a crazzyyy weekend in the small town of Moodley. Too bad that particular weekend is when the women of the town become infected with a virus that makes them crave the delicious blood of every male around. Dun dun dunnnn…

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Angus is the fat kid, outcast of his school. As a prank, he’s selected to dance at the Winter Ball with his crush Melissa. A boneriful opportunity for him, except for the fact that he can’t dance.
With the help of his family and one and only friend, Angus must gain the confidence and balls to show everyone against him that dude’s got it going on!
Besides being a completely unrated piece of wonderful teen goodness; Angus also has an awesome cast of George C. Scott, Kathy Bates, Dawson from the Creek and the Shermantor.

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Mega Shark Vs. Crocosaurus 

Ok I know what you’re all thinking “Another Something verse something movie…YAWNSVILLE!” But ok, my selling point for this, not only being that “something verse something else” movies are totally effin’ hilarious but…butttt…this one has Steve Urkle in it. Yep….Enjoy!

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The Stand 

A man-made plague wipes out the human race only leaving a few survivors behind. They all take a stand (get it! eh? eh?) to pick the side of good or evil.

Though this may seem a bit dated from other apocalyptic movies today, The Stand had such a major emotional impact on me and still stands (eh?) as my favorite of all of King’s mini-series.  

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Eerie, Indiana: The Complete Series

Marshall and his family move to the strange town of Eerie, Indiana. It’s the center of the universe for all that is weird and well, weird shit happens. 

If you take the X-Files and reworked it for kids, you’d have Eerie, Indiana!

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Here’s the latest addition to


Dawn, a seemingly average teen, discovers that she might be a little bit different than everyone else. Yes she dresses like she’s 8, she thinks sex before marriage should be illegal (lame!) and oh yeah, she has chompers in her vag! 

When Dawn realizes that she can use her um deformity as a weapon, she takes advantage of it. You go girl! 

Have a great Easter everyone! 

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