Screamathon: Scream 3

After the release of Scream 2, and despite running out of ideas of pulling off a perfect “who’s behind the mask” angle; Scream 3 was evitable.
Sydney is all grown up, living a secluded life in a little house in woods. She has a job as a phone operator helping out victimized women, a subject she’s quite familiar with. Though tucked away safely, Sydney is still haunted by the traumas of her past.

Meanwhile in Hollywood, during the filming of Stab 3, a Ghost face killer strikes again targeting cast members and leaving behind  pictures of Sydney’s whore mom.
The Woodsboro survivors once again reunite again to find out who the killer or killers are and what crazy motive do they have this time.
The trilogy of the Scream Sega stuck with the same formula of having an intense murder scene in the beginning, Randy explaining “the rules” of a trilogy (from beyond the grave), random people being killed off and lots of speculation.

The revelation of the killer came off as a “meh” moment and for something that was supposed to be the end of the series (or at least that’s what we all thought at the time) Scream 3 lacked an impacting “wow” factor. It did try to pull off something original so I give it street cred for that.
I feel that Scream 3 wrapped up the series nicely by tying together all three movies and even incorporating an extra story line to the original killers, Billy and Stu. For the effort made I was satisfied with the movie as a whole and as a trilogy or now threequel to the series.

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