Screamathon: Scream

This weekend Scream 4 hits theaters so in preparation for the new series, I’m revisiting the first three movies as a part of my Screamathon.

Starting with the classic first movie…

Around a time when the slasher genre was dying a painfully slow death, Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson collaborated to awaken and modernize the world of horror movies with Scream. 

Scream took a simple plot about a teenagers stalked by a crazed killer and added humor, flair and a structure of rules that every horror nerd knows by heart. 

The opening scene starts with a girl, Casey, hanging out at home alone, getting ready to munch on some popcorn and enjoy a movie. Her night is interrupted by a phone call by a seemingly friendly stranger. A conversation about horror movies takes an odd turn when the caller reveals that he’s watching Casey. The movie’s intensity picks up when Casey is brutally murdered. 

And let me just say, it’s one of my favorite opening sequences. It was the moment that I knew I would love this movie forever. 

From then on the town of Woodsboro is shaken by the tragedy and memories of the murder of Maureen Prescott, town whore, still lingered after nearly a year. 

Sydney, daughter of Maureen, becomes the main target of the killer and all of her friends start dying off or become the suspect. Sydney learns that she maybe fingered the wrong guy for her mother’s death and that the real killer is back to finish her off. 

Scream brought back the core elements of what a horror movie should be, scary, bloody and engaging! Adding the intrigue of “who’s behind the mask?!” and the clever wit of the “typical horror movie” formula, made Scream an iconic film in the horror genre spiraling off many spoofs and other “who-dunnit” horror movies. 

Scream bonuses! 

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