Screamathon: Scream 2

In honor of Scream 4 coming out this weekend, I’m watching the Scream trilogy and now I continue this Screamathon with Scream 2. 

It’s been two years since the tragic “Woodsboro Murders.” Survivors Sydney and Randy are now in college, Gail Weathers has a hit best-seller based on the murders and Dewey is..well…he’s still alive.

During a screening of Stab, a movie inspired by the Woodsboro killings, two college students are brutally murder and the Woodsboro survivors reunite to unfold another mystery of “Who’s the killer this time?” 

The suspect(s) list include: Cotton Weary, the man wrongly accused for killing Sydney’s whore mom, Syndey’s boyfriend, her roommate, all her friends and that guy over there. Again, the killer can be anyone! 

The rules in the first movie no longer matter now that a sequel is in play. The body count is bigger, there’s more blood and gore and never assume the killer is dead. 

As far as the structure goes for the rules, the body count is higher but the blood and gore factor didn’t really surpass the greatest of the first movie. I mean Drew hanging from the tree, fantastic…her boyfriend gutted…it was art! And it should be an unofficial rule for every movie, even romantic comedies to never assume that the killer is dead. I’m all for the head shots! 

I think the mixture of having Randy die (I”m still not over it!), and Mickey’s motive being uber lame brought down the vibe of what I was expecting. 

As a part of a debate in the movie, sequels never seem to hold up to the original. I feel that Scream 2 does hold up as a decent sequel to the trilogy as a whole but I still feel that it’s the most lacking out of the series. 

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