Scream Drinking Game

Grab all three Scream movies, some friends and tons of drink and partake in this Scream drinking game….

Take a drink when….

  • Phone rings
  • Ghost Face stands over someone and delays killing them
  • Someone breaks one of the “rules”
  • Ghost Face gets hit
  • Someone screams
  • The police questions someone
  • A reporter asks a stupid question
  • Gail is holding a mic
  • Randy mentions the rules
  • Someone blames someone else for being the killer
  • Someone points a gun
  • The question “what’s your favorite scary movie” is asked
  • Someone says “Gale Weathers” 
  • Someone drops their weapon
  • Someone makes a horror movie reference

Chug or take a shot when….

  • Main character dies
  • Dewey gets stabbed
  • Someone whom we thought was dead pops back on screen 
  • Dewey makes a squishy poop face 
  • There’s a cameo (Linda Blair, Henry Winkler, Wes Craven, Jay and Silent Bob..) 
  • Ghost Face cleans off his knife
  • Someone says “Behind you!” (in honor of the blog, chug!) 

Happy drinkin’ folks! 

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